Hi, I'm Imani and I'm happy you chose to be here

Nature's Thirst Trap was born from my experience of living in Compton, CA. Back in 2017, I became vegan after being introduced to the benefits of veganism in the documentary What the Health. I further educated myself on diet changes, lifestyle, and mindfulness. 

I was excited and wanted to share all that I was learning with those closest to me.  There were no restaurants focusing on healthy foods and raw juices near me, so I started juicing for myself and others in my community. This is what inspired the birth of Nature's Thirst Trap. We are now expanding to many more products (adaptogenic supplements, herbs, and foods). Everything NTT makes is inspired by a need and energized by plants. 


It's been a while, but we are back! We are known for our raw and tasty juices (you know, the ones with the sexy legs on the front of the bottle). This time, we have a whole new line of products. Still fueled by plants, love, wisdom, and community. This is your time to nourish and grow with us, in all ways, always.